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Outdoors you will find a truly huge flagstone patio with an 8-person, 900-gallon Calspa hot tub, 10-person dining table, Fire Magic gas grill fueled by natural gas and a firepit with seating.  The patio is well lit for evening use.  Tiki torches are available for use and do help with mosquito control.


The patio looks outward to a large lawn bordered by over 100 trees and shrubs, including 20 lilac bushes.   The lush vegetation provides complete privacy in the summer months, and peaceful surroundings throughout the year.  There is a large open lawn in the middle of the back yard that is suitable for low-impact outdoor activities such as Frisbee, corn-toss, croquet or tossing a football or baseball.  We strive to keep the lawn 100% weed-free and well-manicured at all times.  You will enjoy the lushness of the grass and the feel on your bare feet. 


In addition, you have the option of using the second floor of the barn during your stay.  This space is 30 by 80 feet with a peak ceiling height of 25 feet.   There is a large bar with mini-fridge and three beautiful chandeliers.  The barn has 50 amps of electricity, but is not heated.  We can't allow the use of portable space heaters due to the fire risk.

A Gorgeous, 

Generous Patio and Yard

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